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About Us

Our Vision

To be an art gallery that brings together art lovers of all ages, supports young artists, and keeps the pulse of modern art in Antalya.

Our Mission


By providing a platform for young artists: To provide an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their works and meet art lovers by hosting a different event every weekend.
Increasing the accessibility of modern art: Presenting art in a way that attracts the attention of everyone, not just the elite.
Using the unifying power of art: Bringing people from different backgrounds and interests together through art.
To improve the artistic awareness of the public: To improve the artistic knowledge and skills of the public by organizing art-related trainings, workshops and talks.

Our Values

Respect for art and artists: To accept and respect the value of every artist and work of art.
Accessibility: Making art accessible to everyone.
Innovation: To constantly surprise and excite art lovers with innovative and creative ideas.
Education: To care about art education and to work to improve the artistic awareness of the public.
Social responsibility: Believing that art can create a positive change in society and working for this purpose.
Our goals
To be one of the most important art centers of Antalya: To become a frequent destination for art lovers and tourists in the city.
Helping young artists develop their careers: Providing them with promotion and sales opportunities.
To ensure that modern art attracts more attention in Antalya: To increase the interest and knowledge of art lovers in modern art.
Ensuring that art is a unifying force in society: Encouraging dialogue and interaction between different groups.
In line with this vision, mission, values and goals, we believe that we will take firm steps towards becoming a gallery that will contribute to the development of art in Antalya and offer unforgettable experiences to art lovers.

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